Design Goal: 
The Kallista Script™ Decorative collection offers a variety of exquisite handle options to transform any space into a respite of sophistication and impeccable taste to allow one to craft their own story. Each faucet in this collection is available with an array of decorative upgrade options and finishes.

One of my roles was to design a decorative handle detail inspired by Guilloché, but executed using the detailed Cloissoné enamel process.

Contour Art, floral patterns and textures, movement, and stained glass. 
Part 1 
"Spring Rain" Lever Handle
Design ProcessSketches 
Color Tests: 
Samples of color tests from the manufacturer of limited color enamels to see color combinations and gradient techniques. The final color way is a softer, pastel color palette that caters to Kallistas' clienteles, who are predominantly female.
Product Rendering:
Renderings of the decorative enamel piece applied onto the Script faucets in different finishes.
Final Product Photography:
"Spring Rain", a hand-painted enamel accent depicting spring floral motif in mosaic form, on the artisan craftsmanship of the Script™ sink faucet can be purchased here.
Part 2 
"Wave" Lever & Cross Handles
Design ProcessSketches 
Final Product :
"Ripple" enamel cross handle adornments in three colors: Flannel Grey, Celeste Blue, and Frost. Available on Script Arch and Low Spouts, in different metal finishes, and can be purchased here. 

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